Retainling Wall in Hillsborough

Pre-site Conditions:

Demolishing and Grubbing

False Steel “I” Beam Wall and Temporary Road Construction

Drilling Pier Holes and Removing Spoils

Forming Walls & Installing Reinforcing Steel

Pouring Concrete into the Drilled Holes with Cages

Finished Concrete Lower Wall

Damaged Drainage Pipes to be Repaired

Finished Concrete Walls with Reinforcing Steel Stubbed out for New Walls to Connect to

Installing Surface Drainage System

Final Grubbing and Compacting

Excavating for Sewer Line Replacement

Backfilling and Compacting behind the New Lower Concrete Wall

Drilling Second Set of Pier Holes for Upper Walls

Setting the Sewer line

Erosion Control: Laying Coco Mats & Straw Wattles & Seeding with Grass

Unloading Pier Cages with an Excavator

Setting Pier Cages with Excavator

Setting Pier Cages with Crane

Upper Concrete Walls Finished and Drain System Trenches Being Excavated

Back-filling, Compacting and Sculpting upper Hillside

Finished landscape with drains

Finished Deck