Our Team:

Our team is devoted to attending to our customers, so that the entire “experience” of having a construction project completed is a good one, from beginning to end. The customer is KING means something to all of us.

We believe very strongly that consumers should “check-out” their potential contractors through the (C.S.L.B.) Contractors State License Board, by simply going “on-line” to (check a license cslb). You are able to search by license number, business name or personal name. There you will find the unvarnished truth about the particular contractor or business. This CA State Agency monitors all licensed contractors and protects YOU the consumer. You get only the facts from them. It is so easy and only takes seconds to do it.

It is also our belief that a contractor should provide references that the consumer can call to discuss all aspects of how their project went, especially as it relates to the contractor and company.

About the Founder:

The founder of Hy-Tech Construction, Inc., Ray Petrin, has been involved in this type of construction for 38 years and about $75,000,000.00 worth of projects. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Studies and has faced numerous challenges in construction and materials applications.

Every project is set-up and shepherded through by Ray and is your assurance that it will be DONE RIGHT. With the many complexities and pressures of coordinating the various engineering disciplines, inspections, special inspections, often dangerous conditions, weather, traffic, men, materials, subcontractors, neighbors etc., it is vital to have a “point-man”. Ray serves you in this capacity and is known for “holding-customers-by-the-hand” during the process of getting things done.

For all of his life, and in all matters, it has been Ray’s nature to be benevolent. Being able to identify the needs and smoothly take the project to completion without grief to the owners is what sets us apart from other companies. Please read our testimonials to get an idea, from our many satisfied customers, of our method of operation.

Our Expert Team

Ray Petrin President of Hy Tech Construction

Ray Petrin

President, CEO, Founder

BA Industrial Studies

Member of PACE and Qualified in JARPA Submissions

Veronica Pedro Office Manager

Veronica Pedro

Office Manager

Contract And Production Specialist.

Alfredo Navarrete​ Alfredo Navarrete​

Alfredo Navarrete

Superintendent of HTCI Projects, Licensed General (B) contractor

Highly skilled in Engineering Construction

Fluent in English and Spanish