We Specialize In:

Engineered Projects:​

With a vast number of engineers and other highly qualified associates, we are able to design and construct most any structure for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Poured Steel Reinforced Concrete Walls:

Working with our many professional engineers and staff, we will make sure that you choose the most appropriate wall for your needs, which is sometimes a concrete wall. 


We construct decks that sit at grade level and also the engineered multi storied designs that require engineering and specialized skills and crews to build them.

Ornamental Iron:

We offer a large selection of designs in powder coated, welded and mechanically fastened iron for all applications.

Steel I-Beam Walls:

Because not all walls are created equal, and the design and prices of walls can vary dramatically, we offer these types of walls as a vertical, space saving option which can save many thousands of dollars.

Keystone Block Walls:

Another cost saving type of wall that is nearly vertical, this design concept can save on engineering, materials and overall budget.

Elevated Driveway Bridges:

Many of these structures have been built all over the bay area, where there is a need to get a vehicle into a garage that does not sit at grade. We are specialists in evaluating the condition of such structures, and can recommend an engineered repair, to bring the structure back to better than new condition, or a new engineered design to build an all new one

Unique Structures:

Many times over the years, HTCI has been called upon, to design, and or be a part of, constructing something completely unique. We have built metal sculptures, lion cages, gorilla cages, concealed moment frames and a host of other challenging concepts. Retaining walls and drainage repairs are examples of unique projects that can take many forms. Hy-Tech can handle your custom project.

Cement Masonry Unit Walls:

Depending on the situation, and access for equipment, this type of segmental wall can be the perfect “fit” instead of other types of engineered walls. HTCI is qualified to assess the situation and determine the proper and most economical type of wall that you will need. Hy-Tech specializes in Concrete Masonry Units, or CMU solutions.

Armoring of Creeks & Banks:

HTCI has successfully worked in and around creeks, rivers and shorelines and has submitted and been involved with others in the process of submitting the JARPA (Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application), which is of the most challenging construction permits to obtain.

Seismic Moment Frames:

As California is considered to be one of, if not, the most seismically active areas on earth, many moment frames have been needed and will be needed to help support all structures in an earthquake. HTCI has vast experience in helping design, fabricate and install these very critical elements. Hy-Tech has your solutions for earthquake repairs.

Railings/Vertical Barriers:

From custom engineered tempered glass guardrails, to stainless steel cable railings, to powder coated steel and iron railings, to the most exotic a.d.a. compliant situations HTCI has designed, fabricated and installed an array of these vertical barriers to protect people.