This project involved the demolition and rebuilding of a three story deck structure at the rear of the residence. Being that it was three stories up meant that there had to be a Geotechnical Engineer involved, to test the soil strength and a Structural Engineer to design the foundations and framing for the deck.

Finished Project – Completed Deck Structure and Guardrails:

Copy of Completed upper deck USE THIS PHOTO FOR WEBSITE COVER IMAGE scaled 700x400

This was a multi level elevated structure with attachment points to the residence and a “moment-frame” for seismic events. The structure also had a central staircase which led to the lower level of the yard, which included ornamental iron guardrails.

All aspects of the construction required Building inspections by the San Mateo Building Department and also “Special-Inspections” by the respective Engineers on the project.

Pre-Site Condition:

During construction site Condition – Installing Frame Work:

Moment Frame:

Baly Engineered Dec in San Mate During construction moment frame put with Installing moment frame PLEASE LIGHTEN the IMAGE 1 scaled 600x400

Railing Installation:

Baly Engineered Dec in San Mate During construction Railing installation put After Fabricating guard rails scaled 600x400


Installing Moment Frame:

Copy of DSC07132 1 600x400

Framing Stair Structure:

Copy of DSC07167 600x400

Fabricating Guardrails:

Copy of IMG 3670 scaled 600x400

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