This engineered elevated driveway structure required extra steel reinforced concrete piers, portions of the damaged support structure to be replaced with new pressure treated framing and a sister beam to be installed under the garage, and above the bathroom ceiling as necessary extra support to the dry rotted existing beams.

Finished Project –

Elevated Driveway Structure With New Concrete 
Driveway And Guardrails:

Copy of Robertson FB post competed elevated driveway structure with new concrete driveway and guardrails 1 scaled 700x400

Pre-Site Conditions –

Extensive Dryrot From Water Intrusion At House 
At Elevated Driveway Structure:

Copy of Robertson FB post extensive dryrot from water intrusion at house at elevated driveway structure scaled 700x400

Installing New Concrete Piers:

This engineered elevated driveway project involved installing new concrete piers as additional support. Those piers needed to be hand excavated with demolition hammers.

During Construction – Foundation Pier Excavated With Steel Cages In Place:

Copy of Robertson FB post foundation pier excavated with steel cages in place scaled 700x400

New Framing For Elevated Driveway Repair:

Copy of Robertson FB post new framing for elevated driveway repair 700x400

Moisture Barrier Installed In Preparation For New Concrete Driveway On Elevated Driveway:

Copy of Robertson FB post moisture barrier installed in preparation for new concrete driveway on elevated driveway scaled 700x400

Structural Beam Repair Within Residents Necessary For Elevated Driveway:

Copy of Robertson FB post structural beam repair within residents necessary for elevated driveway scaled 700x400

Concrete Footing With Simpson Structural Connectors For Foundation Of Elevated Driveway:

Copy of Robertson FB post concrete footing with Simpson structural connectors for foundation of elevated driveway scaled 700x400

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