Completed Installation:

This project involved the seismic retrofitting of a three story apartment building. After all design work and final engineering was approved by the city of Menlo Park, demolition and construction was started. The intent was to brace the building with two sets of “moment frames” that would prevent the building from buckling in a seismic load. Large footings were excavated and filled with concrete which had 1 inch thick steel base plates embedded in them. Heavy “I” beam assemblies were fabricated off site and then brought down to be installed into the structure. The building was reassembled and finished to have no appearance that these steel structures were in place. 

Pre-site Condition:


Excavating Footings:

DSC06247 800x400

Using Crane to Position Fabricated Moment Frame:

Welding Moment Frame:

Moment Frame Installed:

Installing New Concrete Driveway:

Installing Plywood Sheer Wall:

installing new plywood shearwall

Installing Interior Sheetrock:


Installing Shingles Over Shear Wall: