Finished Structure:

HTCI was asked to visit a home in Hillsborough to investigate damage to an existing two-story deck structure.  It was determined that many of the structural columns and beams were very dry rot damaged, and that they needed to be removed and replaced.  The structure would be mostly saved, but had to be jacked-up, with house jacks, for support, while the columns and beams were swapped-out.  All new seismic brackets were installed at critical joints.  All new wood components were primed prior to installation.  The deck structure had sagged as much as 3”, which was corrected when the repair work was done.  

Pre-site Conditions:

Jacking Up Structure:

Termite and Dry Rot Renovation jacking up structure

Demolition Removal of Columns and Beams:

Installing Columns, Beams and Seismic Brackets: