Landslide Repair and Keystone Block Retaining Wall in Daly City

Due to a terrible rainy season, the owner found herself in a “nightmare” situation, with a mudslide on their rental property threatening a home down the hillside. The owner had been working with a contractor that was dragging her feet and not committing to building a retaining wall because of the dangerous hillside and the urgency with which it needed to be completed. Thankfully, the owner decided to get another bid and that’s when she met Ray. His confidence in being able to handle the project was a huge weight off her shoulders. By the end of the day, Ray emailed the owner with a very competitive bid and upon my approval began working immediately. From handling the chaotic permitting process, scheduling, and executing in the time frame needed (before the heavy rains) Hy-Tech Construction’s team was EXCEPTIONAL. Ray kept regular communication with the homeowner with status during the entire project. The homeowner frequently received photos and videos of the work in progress. The homeowner highly recommends Hy-Tech Construction for anyone looking for a qualified contractor. Thank you, Ray, for all the help you furnished.

Pre-site Conditions

Base Rock Being Laid & Beginning to Install Keystone Block Walls

Compacting Base Rock Foundation

Installing Cap at the Top of the Wall

Finished Walls