Barriers: Vertical and Horizontal

Engineered Steel I Beam Wall, Keystone Block Wall, Paver Patio and Stair Structures

San Carlos Hillside

Termite and Dry Rot Renovation

Segmental CMU Walls

Deck with Arbor

Seismic Moment Frames

- San Carlos

In-Ground Room Addition In Pacifica

- San Carlos

Engineered Structural solution to extend existing deck

- San Carlos

Engineered installation of Steel I Beams and metal braces to support failing concrete retaining wall.

- San Carlos

Structural Pier And Mat Slab Mitigation At Creek Edge

- San Carlos

Steel I Beam Retaining Wall in Belmont

- Redwood City​

Keystone Block Wall in Redwood City

- Redwood City​

Retaining Wall in Hillsborough

- Hillsborough

“Water-Main Break” in Belmont

On June2, 2017 a water main break/failure occurred in Belmont that created a, 2 hour long, river of water that undermined a 25 cubic yard void under two neighbors concrete driveway slabs, carved a football filed length “rill” (mini-canyon) approximately 6’ wide and about 5’ deep through the those neighbor’s back yards and deposited 90 cubic yards of soil and mud (a mud slide) onto the street and into a neighbor’s house below. In addition, a sizable crack occurred in one neighbor’s concrete retaining wall, apparently from the buildup of water behind it. This event created a great deal of damage, a very big mess and left a situation that was precarious at best, and dangerous at worst.

- Belmont

Engineered structural repair in San Carlos

- San Carlos

Engineered repair of elevated driveway in San Carlos

- San Carlos

Structural repair of elevated deck in Half Moon Bay

- San Carlos

Engineered Deck Structure in San Mateo

San Mateo

Steel “I” Beam Wall in San Carlos

- San Carlos

Solid Concrete Driveway in Woodside

This was an entirely engineered project that required the involvement of soils and structural engineers. The homeowner had experienced a total failure of their elevated driveway. Upon investigation by the design team, it was discovered that it would be necessary to engineer for a load of a 25-ton fire truck.

- Woodside​

Second Story Deck Structure in San Carlos

This was a second story deck, demolish and install, in the exact footprint as the original. The condition of the deck was that it was nearly falling down. The beams and joists were mostly dry rotted with the decking in as bad a condition.

- San Carlos

Rebuilding & Armoring Creek Bank in San Mateo

- San Carlos

Open Space Balcony in Woodside

Helped design, fabricated and installed custom deck balconies. Owner constructed a custom home with doors leading out into open space. So along with an architect and an engineering company were worked together to build something that could attach to the outside surface of house that would support people walking on it.

- Woodside

Landslide Repair and Keystone Block Retaining Wall in Hillsborough

- San Carlos

Landslide Repair and Keystone Block Retaining Wall in Daly City

Due to a terrible rainy season, the owner found herself in a “nightmare” situation, with a mudslide on their rental property threatening a home down the hillside. The owner had been working with a contractor that was dragging her feet and not committing to building a retaining wall because of the dangerous hillside and the urgency with which it needed to be completed. Thankfully, the owner decided to get another bid and that’s when she met Ray. 

- Daly City

Elevated Driveway and Ornamental Iron Project In San Mateo

This was a completely engineered project that involved drilled piers, structural framing, a concrete slab and ornamental iron. The existing elevated driveway had suffered dry rot damage and need to be mostly demolished. Once new piers and a large footing have installed, a frame was constructed to support a poured concrete driveway.

- San Mateo

Steel “I” Beam Wall with Fence Atop in San Mateo

HTCI was hired by this owner to build a team of engineers to design a Steel “I” Beam Wall, 6′ foot tall wooden fence and drainage system. After many months of design work and varied challenges, a permit to construct the project was obtained from the City of San Mateo.

- San Mateo

Drain System in San Mateo

HTCI was contacted by these owners with a troubling problem. They had water intrusion in several of their rooms due to water migration and percolation from the soil in and around their home. They had hired a Geotechnical Engineer that had done a survey of the situation and had come up with several designs and suggestions to resolve the problems. HTCI reviewed these designs and decided to bid the project, The suggestions included trenching around the perimeter of residence, reworking the downspouts, regrading areas around the structure and reconnecting the outfalls of the accumulated water to the front connections at the street. All of the work was permitted and the Geotechnical Engineer was the “Special Inspector”, for all of the construction.

- San Mateo